Fresh Air Finish, LLC is a company of craftsmen who produce elegant custom finishes for wood, stone, metal and drywall.  This blog is dedicated to non-toxic finish technology and the many benefits it offers the building industry.

Our experiences as craftsmen, linked in the beginning to the noxious elements of our craft, come mostly from human determination to find a better way.  That determination, has uncovered not only solutions, but even more of the truth about dangerous materials we still needlessly rely on almost exclusively for finish work in the building industry.

We are a proud part of the effort to change that reliance, and this blog represents part of our contribution to the discovery of better technologies.  The building industry has accomplished a great deal, delivering more and more responsible construction all the time.  Building professionals looking for further improvements, will find more opportunities in the area of non-toxic architectural coatings than in any other category.

We eagerly invite your comments and ideas to the discussion, and look forward to meeting with the many professionals out there who share our dedication to a better way of finishing the job.


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